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To hold your reservation valid, it is necessary a confirmation deposit proportional to the services reserved and in no case less than the cost of one night's stay. You may effect the payment by:
  • Credit card

    Please fill in the payment form specific for your card
    Authorization of Payment by credit card
    The form should be signed and faxed to (+39) 079 951828
  • Bank transfer

    • Bank transfers from Italy
      ABI 02008 - CAB 84890 - C/C 000004716327
    • International bank transfers
      IBAN Code IT 59 U 0200884890000004716327
      Swift code UNCRITM1Y78
Hotel Mistral
Via Liguria, 41
07041 Alghero (Sardinia, Italy)
Phone (+39) 079 951828
Fax (+39) 079 951828

Guests are reminded they should present their passport / ID card and Social Security Number (US) / National Insurance Number (UK) at the moment of check-in.