Panoramic route

The surroundings offer a traveller several interesting archeological destinations as well as naturalistic excursions. The Neptune's Caves and the prehistoric village of Palmavera are undoubtedly worthy of a visit.

A few kilometres far from Palmavera is Porto Conte Bay, the ancient Portus Ninpharum that is the ancient Harbour of the Nymphs, so named for its stunning surroundings. Porto Conte is the only natural harbour in Sardinia.

The Neptune's Caves can also be reached by boat, sailing past Capo Galera and Punta Giglio, then heading for Capo Caccia with its well-known, spectacular cliffs. Here, in one of the most breathtaking places in Sardinia, is the Escala del Cabirol (Cabirol Staircase) with its 656 steps leading from the Capo Caccia promontory down to the afore-mentioned grottoes.

Panoramic view - Photo: Gian Piero Carboni